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14 giu 2019, 19:00

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The “FULL SHAPE GEOMETRIC” training course is intended to be a second step, the immediate

sequel of the “FUNDAMENTAL GEOMETRIC CUT” course.

It is organised and structured as a mix of shapes and techniques, as well as a combination of

round, triangular and square lines which could be interconnected or not, or even more melded in

widely differing ways. The aim of this course is to stimulate hairdressers’ creativity and make them

feel free to use their imagination properly.

The “FULL SHAPE GEOMETRIC” course will give to hairstylists the possibility to get a whole picture

about how to succeed in building or decomposing an image, in order to create it as the customer

requires and employing, in an easy and practical way, all the techniques acquired during this

training course.


The course will be mainly based on the merging of techniques, a concept which will provide

hairstylists with all the essential tools for the achievement of their creativity.

Registration is Closed

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